Spec Check Utility

For Apple Macintosh OS X Only

System Requirements: The Spec Check Utility is designed to provide immediate feedback for "Externally Produced" video (.mov) files only.

  1. Click on the folder below to download and install the NCM Spec Check Utility.
  2. Drag your Quicktime (.mov) file onto the NCM Spec Check Utility Application and immediately find out if your A/V media file meets preliminary NCM acceptability standards [frame rate, resolution, Quicktime compression codec].

- If the file meets preliminary NCM standards you will be instructed where to send the asset for post-production processing. *
- If the file does not meet NCM standards, you will be instructed as to what is unacceptable and will remind you to run the file again on the app once the A/V file has been corrected.

* NCM maintains sole discretion of what is acceptable quality media for playback in the Noovie pre-show; therefore, NCM reserves the right to reject any a/v file that has been received upon internal review by one of our professional editing and encoding specialists.